I offer pay-what-you-can lifestyle & yoga photography in and around Newcastle NSW.

Because creating shouldn't be intimidating. Working together and co-creating is where it's at.


The meaning of yoga is different for everyone, because I believe that we each individually create our own meaning in life. However, yoga can be translated as union.

Join me three times a week at The Open Mind Space in Broadmeadow.

Website Design

Your website should be a clear reflection of you and your brand.

I LOVE creating websites that allow your customer to easily see what you do and get in touch, buy from, or work with you.

My name is Cat Mead. You probably read that at the top.

It's no accident that you're here reading this right now. We were meant to connect in some way at this exact moment.

I've evolved a lot over the past few years and to tell you about myself would mean taking you through a journey.

But, here's the short version:

Right now, I'm 35. I live in Newcastle, NSW and I can be a bit of a homebody.

I teach yoga, I write a lot. There's music, blogs, instagram captions, journal entries.


I love to laugh and try not to take everything too seriously.


My purpose in life is to teach, create, inspire and motivate others to awaken themselves the way that I have over the last few years.

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Cat Mead - 2019

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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