Yoga is not just about physical movement. Although it can be if that's what you want.

The meaning of yoga is different for everyone, because I believe that we each individually create our own meaning in life. However, yoga can be translated as union.

It's a connection to self. Realising that breath, mind and body move as one. It's a connection to others. Sharing space, holding space and having a collective experience of flowing energy.

In my classes, you can expect some fun, some wisdom, and space to find freedom within yourself.

Classes are held at The Open Mind Space in Broadmeadow and you can book online! You can also just show up when the urge strikes, but I find it's nice to know who's coming :)

Qualifications & Training:

  • 200hr Purna Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre - 2015

  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Melanie McLaughlin (The Yin Space) - 2019

  • 15hr Advanced Yin Yoga Workshop with Melanie McLaughlin (The Yin Space) - 2019

Weekly Classes

At The Open Mind Space in Broadmeadow

SUNDAY - 5.30pm - YIN (90mins)

WEDNESDAY - 7.30am - Basics (60mins)

WEDNESDAY - 10am - Flow & Release (75mins)

SATURDAY - 10.30am - BASICS (60mins)


The foundations of yoga, focusing on alignment and transitions.

For beginners and those looking to refine their yoga practice.


Stretch out fascia and muscles with this opportunity to cultivate stillness in the body and mind.

All levels.


Let's stay in touch

Cat Mead - 2019

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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